• Malham Tree

    I have made several trips to the Yorkshire Dales but it has been a few years since my last visit. My friends and I always keep a keen eye on the weather forecast as the weekend approaches and then consider our options when planning a photo trip. This weekend the weather favoured the Dales and […]

  • Bamburgh Sunrise

    It was good to get back out again and get my first photo of the year. Since Christmas and New Year the weather has not been too kind so this was my first opportunity of the year for a photography trip.

  • A week in the Algarve

    Most years my wife and I visit the Algarve for our holiday. I’ve always taken my camera but never come back with any photographs not having put any real effort or planning into landscape photography during my visits. This trip was going to be different as I was determined to bring back a photograph I […]

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