• Loch Rusky

    We have enjoyed a settled spell of fine weather this week which had also been forecast to continue over the weekend. My phone, email and text messenger were busy communicating with friends all week planning a morning out on the Saturday to take advantage of this good spell. We planned to go to Buttermere in […]

  • Praia do Camilo

    I didn’t do much photography during my recent holiday in the Algarve. Most mornings were blue skies with absolutely no cloud. Perfect for my holiday but we landscape photographers need a little cloud in the sky to add interest and possibly under light with colour before sunrise. Ah well, it was after all a holiday […]

  • Malham Tree

    I have made several trips to the Yorkshire Dales but it has been a few years since my last visit. My friends and I always keep a keen eye on the weather forecast as the weekend approaches and then consider our options when planning a photo trip. This weekend the weather favoured the Dales and […]

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