• Commonwealth City Lights

    My home town of Glasgow hosted the Commonwealth Games last month. The weather was excellent during most of the event and I made several trips to the riverside in the evenings to enjoy the atmosphere and festivities in the city. I also took my camera with me to photograph the lights on the Clyde Arc […]

  • The Clyde Arc

    I’ve not been out with my camera much lately but summer has always been a lean time photographically for me. Sunrise and sunset are at extreme times of the day which means a very early start or an equally late night. Recently I have been sitting in front of the TV engrossed with the World […]

  • Fog on the Firth

    The fog was thick this morning almost covering the whole of central Scotland. The plan was to get a shot of the bridge before dawn while the lights were still on but arriving at North Queensferry in the dark we could not see the bridge as it was shrouded in thick fog. We headed back […]

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