Milarrochy Bay

With an extended weekend break over the New Year holiday and a reasonable forecast for New Years day I decided to go out. The Christmas holidays were busy spent enjoying the festivities with my family but I had no plans or commitments over the New Year break so I decided to take the opportunity to get out with my camera.

It has been mild and wet with spells of very heavy rain recently and that inspired me to visit the tree at Milarrochy Bay on Loch Lomond as the level of the loch would now be higher with the recent heavy rain. The tree sits on a small bay close to the edge of the loch and when the water level of the loch rises it’s base is submerged with the potential for an interesting if not classic image. I’d visited a few times previously but the water level was never high enough on those occasions.

When I arrived the tree was partially submerged by the loch but only just with waves lapping over the roots. I decided to shoot some long exposures using a 10 stop Neutral Density filter. There was a fresh breeze which did ease for short periods so I tried to time a long exposure during those calm spells. I tried 30 second exposures at first but the calm spells in-between the wind weren’t long enough and the breeze was causing blurring of the branches. I adjusted my aperture and cut my exposure time to 15 seconds then tried again. After a few attempts I managed to get one frame with almost no wind. I shot about a dozen frames in total as the light was constantly changing with the featured image being my only real success and that captured the tree branches still enough and with the base of the tree surrounded by water. There was just enough exposure time to create some movement in the clouds and I was also fortunate to catch good light on the landscape and tree in this frame.

Fuji X-T2
Fuji 16-55 f/2.8
Lee Big Stopper
15secs @ f/8

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