Bloody Tourists

On our return from an enjoyable weekend on Skye my wife and I stopped at the Castle car park. The conditions were perfect with a calm loch providing a great reflection of Eilean Donan. I set up my tripod and camera but had to wait a little while for some clouds to disperse that were casting shade on the castle. During the time I was waiting the car park was starting to get busy. There were now plenty of visitors arriving but mostly contained around the car park and visitor centre for the time being but a little panic set in as a couple of tour coaches pulled in. In addition some people who seen me standing by my tripod were now asking me to take their photos with their cameras and smartphones.

The cloud was moving and the with the castle now beginning to catch good light I began to take photos but some groups were now making their way over the bridge to the castle. I was patient and waited to press the shutter until most were either inside the castle or out of view. In the end this was the best image I managed. There was still one person at the castle but he was easy to clone out. Minutes later the coach parties in brightly coloured jackets began to march across the bridge with their cameras or phones held aloft on selfie sticks!

In the end I did manage to capture the iconic ‘shortbread tin’ image and despite the title I am genuinely pleased that all the other visitors who were there seen the castle at it’s very best and would have certainly captured some great ‘selfies’ and memories to take home.

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