My wife and I decided to have a weekend on Skye and although I have visited many times my wife had never been. The weather forecast for Skye was for mixed weather. Sunshine and showers all weekend, mostly showers. The drive up from Glasgow though was glorious and in beautiful conditions. Loch Lomond was like a sheet of glass reflecting the autumn colours and was a perfect start to our weekend.

As this was a weekend with my wife it wasn’t a full on photography trip but I did pack my camera sack and tripod just in case. We thoroughly enjoyed our weekend and as the weather was changeable we did get to see Skye not only at it’s worst but also at it’s very best during those frequent breaks.

One location that I’d visited on numerous occasions previously was Elgol but during all those visits I had never managed to capture a photograph that was worth keeping. The conditions were never right but when we arrived at Elgol this time the view of the Cuillin was as good as I’ve ever seen it. Good light, autumn colours and a dusting of snow on the peaks. Perfect but even before I’d parked the car the clouds had moved in and cloaked the Cuillin yet again. We decided to sit it out and after 30 minutes there were glints of light and the clouds began to disperse showing some promise of another break. I quickly put on my waterproofs, just in case, and made my way down to the shore. I managed about 40 minutes before the next wave of showers arrived. That was more than enough time for me to get some photographs. I packed up as the first drops of rain started and by the time I got back to the car I was soaked. I had some images on my card so I wasn’t that bothered about the soaking and glad that I’d had the foresight to put on my waterproofs.

My wife enjoyed her first visit to the misty isle and after the many visits I’d made to Elgol I finally managed to capture a photograph that I was pleased with.

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