Buachaille in Mono

Dramatic light and skies in between the showers at Glencoe

As always it's been a while since I've had the opportunity to get out taking photographs. Surprisingly though I had a free day today and after a such a long lay off I was excited to finally plan a morning out. I had also just received a new camera and I was itching to try it out. The forecast was promising so my plan was to head up the A82 to Glen Coe for sunrise. -- more --

Switching from Nikon to Fuji, (Lightening the Load)

AKA The Squinty Bridge

I’ve always used Nikon equipment. My first camera was a totally manual Nikon FM2 film camera followed by a Nikon F100 before switching to to digital bodies. Over the years I’ve bought and sold dSLR’s and added new lenses when funds allowed. I loved my Nikon equipment but my camera backpack was getting far too heavy so I made the decision to switch to a more compact and lighter system as I was getting tired with all the weight. -- more --

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